NIGHTWING #0 Review by Jamie Dunst

Tom DeFalco & Kyle Higgins: Plot; Kyle Higgins: Dialogue; Eddy Barrow: Pencils; Eber Ferreira: Inks; Rob Reis: Colors; Carlos M. Mangual: Letters; Barrows & Ferreira: Cover

So this is an issue I’ve been waiting for.  Nightwing’s origin.  How was DC going to mess with the origin that I knew and love?  Thankfully, it wasn’t messed around with all that much.  We start off with Dick Grayson and circus friend Raymond are doing parkour when a security guard gets in the way.  Raymond flips over the security guard putting him in the way of the train.  Dick saves the guard only to get busted by him.  Later on we see Dick’s parents yelling at Dick for breaking the rules and ground him.  Dick does give his mom her birthday gift which is a bracelet with two robins on it.  She loves the gift but tells Dick that he is still grounded.  We then see the argument between Mr. Haly and Tony Zucco and of course the ultimate fate of Dick’s parents.  We see Bruce Wayne talking to Dick about what happened and then later on informs Lt. Gordon that he might be able to help place Dick someplace safe.

We see Dick at Wayne Care Center researching Tony Zucco and going out at night trying to find him and on one night Dick finds more than just criminals. He finds Batman.  After helping the Dark Knight take down some thugs, Bruce has a conversation with Alfred about Dick.  They talk about Dick’s talent and his ability to read motion and body language which is something as far as I know is a new thing for Mr. Grayson.  Meanwhile, Dick researches Bruce Wayne and comes to his own conclusions about who Batman is.  Batman and Dick continue to work together taking down criminals and then one night, Batman takes Dick to the Batcave where Dick tells him that he knows that Bruce Wayne and Batman are one in the same.  It’s then that Bruce takes Dick in and his training begins.  One night, Batman is after Lady Shiva who has taken a Gotham City councilman.  Batman is too late to save the councilman and gets ambushed by Lady Shiva.  Wanting desperately to save Bruce, Dick dons his first Robin costume and goes into action.  He loses to Lady Shiva fairly easily although she is quite impressed with Dick’s natural abilities.  The issue ends with Batman and Robin heading back to the car in defeat but we also see the beginning of the Dynamic Duo.

I liked this issue.  More or less, Dick’s origin is kept the same.  A few minor tweaks here and there but it’s not overly different.  I like the new costume that Dick dons in the issue and I wonder if that’s the same costume he wore for the entire time as Robin.  I kind of hope so.  The Lady Shiva aspect of Dick’s origin felt a tad forced but it didn’t affect anything for me overall and the real reason for her being in this was because of the upcoming story where Nightwing will face Shiva again so it’s fine.  Overall, I liked this.  I think DC is doing a fine job with these origins and I’m looking forward to the Nightwing/Lady Shiva face-off starting next issue.


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