Nightwing #11

Nightwing #11

NIGHTWING #11 Review by Jamie Dunst

Writer: Kyle Higgins; Andres Guinaldo; Inks: Mark Irwin; Colors: Rod Reis & Pete Pantazis; Letterers: Travis Lanham; Cover: Barrows & Reis

So we pick up this issue exactly where the previous issue left off.  Nightwing is surrounded by a new masked guy named Paragon and his group called The Republic of Tomorrow.  After Nightwing asks the group nicely to walk away, they wind up doing things the hard way which is always more fun to see.  Could you imagine a group who appears to have the advantage over the hero to just walking away?  Me either.  Paragon distracts Nightwing by taking out  part of the wall of the building they are in which falls towards civilians on the street. Nightwing does the heroic thing but the bad guys get away.

Nightwing then has a confrontation with Detective Nie about his involvement with this particular case.  Nightwing confronts Detective Nie mostly to get a lock on his cell phone in order to track his movements and see if his instincts are correct that the Detective is a dirty cop.  Elsewhere we see Paragon and his group  after their battle with Nightwing.  Many within the group are having doubts about what they are doing now they have seen a few things that has shaken their resolve.  Seeing that his group have become weak, Paragon kills all of his members.

Later on, we see Sonia Branch aka Sonia Zucco aka the daughter of Tony Zucco, the man who killed Dick Grayson’s parents knock on Dick’s door.  She informs him that the bank has decided to not give him the loan for the Amusement Mile due to some unfortunate things that happened when someone who wanted to kill Dick almost burned a lot of people during the Haly Circus Memorial show.  When Dick gets defensive and makes accusations about why Sonia might not really want this loan to go through, she replies that she voted yes for the loan and she was outnumbered.  Ouch Grayson.  You really have a way with the ladies, don’t you?

Later on in the Batcave, we see Dick doing some multi-tasking computer work and getting annoyed by Damian.  As Dick and Damian converse, something clicks in Dick’s head and he suddenly starts to put the pieces together.  At the same time, we see Detective Nie is told by Commissioner Gordon that he’s being taken off the Nightwing case which causes the Detective to explode but also reveals why this case is so important to him.  We later see Detecive Nie in his apartment when he gets a surprise visit from Paragon.

Another fine issue all-around.  I like the reveal that we get about Detective Nie’s motivations but I have to say that it feels all to similar to what is going on with Barbara Gordon over in Batgirl with a female Detective.  Almost the exact same situation which makes me wonder if that’s something that the two writers talked about or they just happened to have the same idea.  Also, while I love reading books, sometimes I find a mistake that bugs me.  In this case, it’s a sentence that just doesn’t work where there is a “the” that shouldn’t be there.  The sentence reads “We’re both trying to solve who killed the your friends.”  Not perfect but it was the only one I found.  Other than that, this book was pretty good.  As always, I loved the art and I can’t wait to see how this all turns out.