NIGHTWING #12 Review by Jamie Dunst

Kyle Higgins: Writer; Andres Guinaldo: Pencils; Raul Fernandez & Mark Irwin: Inks; Rod Reis: Colors; Dezi Sienty: Letterers

Nightwing has figured out the mystery of Paragon but not before picking up a call on the police scanner that people who had been members of “The Republic of Tomorrow” had been killed. Nightwing makes it to the scene and confronts Detective Nie. Nightwing and Detective Nie know who was behind the double murder with Nightwing’s weapons and what Paragon plans to do next when who should show up for the party but Paragon himself. This whole scene was actually a set-up to get Nightwing into a one-on-one fight. Paragon destroys part of the sewer tunnels trapping the cops and the hero vs villain fight begins.

The cops try to find a way out but it seems useless and wait for help to arrive but Detective Nie has other plans and decides to figure a way out so he can help Nightwing. Speaking of Nightwing, we see him and Paragon continue to fight as the whole plot is discussed. Paragon was the one who killed the Strayhorn brothers with Nightwing’s own weapons because of an incident where Nightwing had saved them from a car crash and the two began to have doubts about the organization they were in. Paragon and Nightwing continue to fight with each seeming to at one time or another have the upper hand until Nightwing gets Paragon out of the sewers and into the waiting arms of the police. Detective Nie lets Nightwing go which seems to be the first step to a possible friendship. I’m hoping that’s what it is.

We then see Dick Grayson and Lucius Fox discussing Dick’s venture and wanting to buy the Amusement Mile. It takes some convincing but eventually Dick talks Lucius into his plan. We cut to the Penguin’s club where Mr. Combustible walks into the club as Penguin is packing up. When asked what he’s doing, he tell Mr. Combustible that he’s leaving because Lady Shiva is coming to Gotham. Mr. Combustible makes plans to leave Gotham as well. Elsewhere Dick tries to talk with Sonia Branch about the way their last conversation went down. Dick tries to explain that the bank will approve the loan if he put the majority but Sona doesn’t want to hear it and tells him that their history makes this working relationship uncomfortable. When Dick says it’s already done Sonia hesitates a moment before kissing Dick on the cheek and walking away. As Dick says in the last panel, things are about to get interesting. Looking forward to the #0 issue and then #13 with the first appearance of the new 52 Lady Shiva!

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