SupermanFrom Page to Screen: DC TV Fall 2016 by Jerry Whitworth


In preparation for San Diego Comic-Con 2016 happening in about a week, Comic Art Community will go over some of what we already know is coming to the host of DC Television Universe programs in Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow, and Legends of Tomorrow on the CW this Fall. Following the events of The Flash‘s second season finale, at least The Flash and Arrow will in some manner adapt the Flashpoint comic book event in the coming months. Further, Malcolm Merlyn (portrayed by John Barrowman) will appear across all four series which seems to indicate the Flashpoint will at some level interconnect all four shows. Supergirl, which ended its season with a mysterious pod crashing into National City and the show’s stars set to uncover the mysterious Project Cadmus, may or may not be heavily impacted by Flashpoint (as the series is on a separate Earth, although the changes Barry Allen caused could certainly somehow align both shows’ realities). Regardless, it appears Supergirl will at least bring in the character of Superman to the series with Tyler Hoechlin (Teen Wolf) cast in the role while casting calls went out for Lena Luthor, The Doctor (possibly Contessa Erica Alexandra del Portenza), Snapper Carr, and Detective Maggie (likely Maggie Sawyer). Legends will undoubtedly bring in the Justice Society of America given its season finale saw the emergence of Hourman (played by Patrick J. Adams). Also, the superheroine Vixen will join the Legends cast but as actress Megalyn Echikunwoke, who previously played the part, is reportedly unavailable, Maisie Richardson-Sellers (Star Wars: The Force Awakens) will portray her similarly-empowered grandmother. Lets then take a look at who is coming to the DC Television Universe this coming Fall.




During World War II, dozens of superheroes emerged as the Axis Powers plunged the world into darkness and chaos. Among these heroes arose Henry Heywood, a marine in the US military nearly killed when saboteurs targeted his base. A student of brilliant biologist Dr. Gilbert Giles, Heywood’s mentor performed extensive surgery upon the soldier turning him into a cyborg. Heywood adopted the name of Steel the Indestructible Man and became a vigilante until he has was given an official commission by the US government becoming Commander Steel. Following the war, Heywood became a wealthy industrialist and forced cybernetics into his grandson Hank Heywood III leading to his adopting the mantle of Steel in the Justice League of America. Both Henry and Hank would give their lives in the service of justice. Years later, Vandal Savage would form a new Nazi movement known as the Fourth Reich and target the families of his enemies (realizing the frequency of these families to adopt the mantles of those that passed). Executing much of the Heywood bloodline at a family reunion, another of Henry Heywood’s grandsons (and cousin to Hank Heywood III) in Nathan Heywood would survive the assault and for some reason was physically altered when he tried to resist the supervillain Reichsmark. Becoming living, malleable steel, Nathan took the name of Citizen Steel and joined the latest incarnation of the Justice Society of America. In Legends of Tomorrow, Nathan Heywood will be portrayed by Nick Zano (Minority Report).


Evelyn SharpARTEMIS


Introduced in the most recent season of Arrow, Evelyn Sharp (portrayed by Madison McLaughlin) was a test subject of HIVE that escaped their grasp but lost her parents to the organization. Seeking revenge, Sharp adopted the identity of the deceased superheroine Black Canary (so far as absconding with her Canary Cry collar) and attempted to assassinate Ruvé Adams, co-conspirator and wife of HIVE’s leader Damien Darhk. Green Arrow managed to convince Sharp that donning the guise of Canary and being a murderer betrayed the memory of the woman she admired and emulated. The upcoming fifth season of Arrow will see Sharp return as a new heroine in Artemis. In the comics, Artemis was the daughter of costumed criminals Sportsmaster and Huntress (frequent foes of the Justice Society of America and its members) who took the name Tigress, working as a mercenary and assassin. Combating the JSA’s proteges Infinity, Inc. and later a modern day incarnation of the JSA itself, Artemis would become romantically involved with fellow second generation supervillain Icicle producing a daughter in Isabelle Rose Mahkent. It’s likely Arrow’s version of the character will be based more on the Artemis of Young Justice which merged Tigress and elements of teen heroines Arrowette and Speedy (Mia Dearden). Therein, Artemis was still the daughter of Sportsmaster and Huntress but she chose instead to become a hero and mentored under the Justice League (more specifically, Green Arrow).


Rick GonzalezWILD DOG


Jack Wheeler was a college football star and US marine who left the former with an injury and quit the latter after the deaths of most of his unit. Returning to civilian life, Wheeler would lose his girlfriend to organized crime inspiring him to become a bloody masked vigilante named Wild Dog who wore combat boots, camouflage pants, a football jersey, and hockey goalie mask sporting a submachine gun to mow down criminals wherever he may find them. Wheeler would inspire a young man named Daniel Crown to attempt to become his sidekick in Wild Pup but Wheeler dissuaded him from the dangerous practice. A Wild Dog Militia will seemingly emerge in the coming months of the Green Arrow comic book series as an adversary to the costumed character. Rick Gonzalez (Mr. Robot) will appear as Wild Dog in the series Arrow.




The Vigilante is the name of several heroes, most notably Greg Saunders who adopted a cowboy motif that fought crime in New York City alongside Stuff the Chinatown Kid (originally Jimmy Leong and later his brother Victor) and Billy Gunn in the 1940s. A modern day Greg Saunders would also emerge but a true second Vigilante would arrive in Adrian Chase. A district attorney in New York City, Chase lost his family to organized crime and adopted the guise of the Vigilante to dole out justice in the streets. Originally taking pains to try and only hurt criminals but to kill when his life was in danger, in time Chase’s role as Vigilante weighed on his soul and dragged him into darkness not only making him a murderer, but in time a madman that killed anyone in his way (including police). The strain ultimately proved too much leading to Chase taking his own life. Chase’s mantle would be adopted by several people including Allen Wells, Dave Winston, Patricia Trayce, Adeline Wilson, Justin Sutter Powell, Adrian’s brother Dorian, and Donny Fairchild. Adrian Chase will be portrayed in Arrow by Josh Segarra (Sirens).