Robotech RPG Tactics

Robotech RPG Tactics

Robotech RPG Tactics is Coming by Jerry Whitworth

Hit 1980s animated series Robotech has found new life in the tabletop wargame Robotech RPG Tactics.

Produced by Palladium Books, who has published Robotech role-playing materials for almost thirty years, Robotech RPG Tactics is a new game taking notes from sources like other tabletop wargames Warhammer 40,000 and BattleTech. Players will be able to delve into the Macross Saga of the series playing as either the invading Zentraedi forces or Earth’s Robotech Defense Force using miniature models of mecha like Veritech Valkyrie fighters, Zentraedi Tactical Battle Pods, and Destroids. Crowd funded on Kickstarter in April, the game met its minimum goal in only a few hours of being made available and has raised over half a million dollars with over 2,700 backers around its halfway point. Since the beginning, Palladium has offered incentives for the amount of funds raised adding new mecha for additional purchase, upgrading the quality of game materials, and increasing the number of pieces released with purchased sets. The Kickstarter for the game ends May 20, 2013 with delivery estimated for December 2013.


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