Spider-Men #5 Cover

Spider-Men #5 Cover

SPIDER-MEN #5 of 5 Review by Jamie Dunst

Brian Michael Bendis: Writer; Sara Pichelli: Artist; Justin Ponsor: Colorist; Cory Petit: Letterer; Jim Cheung & Justin Ponsor: Cover Artists; Sarah Pichelli, Rainier Beredo & Travis Charest: Variant Cover Artists

Okay folks.  Here’s the last issue of this series and it didn’t disappoint.  We start off with Mysterio gloating about his victory over Spider-Man.  He decides he needs to see for himself how much he defeated his foe and makes a portal which allows both Ultimate and Amazing Spider-Man along with Ultimate Nick Fury, Iron Man, Hawkeye and Thor to pay him a visit.  It looks like Mysterio is down for the count he does something to cause and explosion and then he infects all of the heroes so they can see their worst nightmare.  Peter Parker tells everyone to fight off the effects of the gas.  Miles Morales sees Mysterio trying to escape and he tackles him causing both Ultimate Spider-Man and Mysterio to get sucked into the 616 Universe.

Spider Men #5 Preview 1

Spider-Men #5 Preview 1

Miles realizes where he is and looks out the window in awe but still dodges an attack from Mysterio and is able to knock them both back into the Ultimate Universe where a waiting Peter Parker punches Mysterio in the fact and Miles Morales gives Mysterio a vemom blast on the neck.  Mysterio is down for the count and with Nick Fury pointing a gun at him as well as an arrow from Hawkeye, Thor with his hammer on the ready and Iron Man in the background, Mysterio is done.  Peter and Miles say their goodbyes for real this time with Peter giving Miles a bunch of advice.  Once Peter is back, he googles the name Miles Morales and appears shocked and the results.  The end?

I liked this mini-series a lot.  The writing was top notch but I wouldn’t have expected anything less from Brian Michael Bendis.  He gets these characters and the dialogue just felt natural and genuine.  The art in this series was also top notch.  I haven’t seen these characters look this good in a good long while and I have become a fan of artist Sara Pichelli with this series.  Overall, a great story and I wonder if we might see more of this kind of crossover in the future.  I, for one would be in favor of it.



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