Star-Trek The Next Generation Doctor Who Assimilation2 #3

Star-Trek The Next Generation Doctor Who Assimilation2 #3


Writers: Scott and David Tipton with Tony Lee; Art: J.K. Woodward and The Sharp Brothers; Lettering: Shawn Lee; Edited by Denton J. Tipton

Well, looking at the cover of the story, I really thought we were going to get some good old fashion time traveling in this issue and we did from a certain point of view.  The issue starts with a confrontation between the Enterprise and the much bigger and ridiculously more powerful Borg/Cybermen armada.  The Enterprise makes a hasty exit and hides inside a nebula in order to escape the pursuing ship’s sensors.  As the Doctor explains to the crew of the Enterprise who the Cybermen are, Data searches the historical database for any matches and finds one that is very interesting considering that the incident involves the original Enterprise under the command of James T. Kirk.  It’s then that something happens to the Doctor as he seems to suddenly remember the incident and here comes the flashback.

We see a shuttlecraft from the original Enterprise land on the planet Aprillia III when Starfleet loses communication with the Federation archeology team sent to the planet so Kirk and crew make their way down to be greeted by the team leader.  Mr. Scott seems to have a bad feeling about the situation which Kirk shares so later in the evening, Kirk and crew come back to the main relay station but Mr. Scott is having trouble opening the door.  Suddenly they are asked if they need assistance with the door and they are greeted by a funny man wearing a very long scarf and introduces himself as the Doctor.  He assists in opening the door with an object that he took out of his pocket and then offers Kirk, Spock, Doctor McCoy and Mr. Scott some jelly babies.  As they enter the main room, they see the archeology team in some kind of catatonic state.  As the crew of the Enterprise revive the group, we see the Cybermen appear.  Kirk and crew try to fight of the Cybermen but they pose too big of a threat but with the help of the Doctor, they eventually take out the Cybermen.

Back in the present, the current Doctor now remembering everything about that incident and knowing that he shouldn’t tells the crew of the current Enterprise that the situation is much more dangerous that the Doctor had originally thought.  When Worf discovers that the Borg and Cybermen had actually left the area, the Doctor replies that the only reason that they would have left was to pursue something more important.  Captain Picard comes up with an idea to figure out a few things and decides it’s time for the Doctor to meet Guinan.  And that’s issue #3 folks.

Well I loved this issue.  The art once again played a huge role in this series but it was never more important than in this issue.  I loved how the art style changed during the flashback story with the original crew of the Enterprise and the fourth Doctor.  It had a much more simplified look to the art and the colors but it really fit the scene well and even seeing Tom Baker offer someone jelly babies on a printed page puts a smile to my face.  The characterization of everyone again really impressed me and I am very interested in seeing a conversation between the 11th Doctor and Guinan.  Should be quite interesting.