Scott & David Tippen: Writer; Gordon Purcell: Pencils; J.K. Woodward: Painter; Tom B. Fong; Lettering; Jacen Smith: Assistant Editor; Denton J. Tipton: Editor

This issue starts off where the last one left off with the away teams of Worf, Amy, Rory and some security guards about to enter the engine room with a ton of Borg while at the same time another group comprised of the Doctor, Captain Picard and Data are about to enter the Bridge with even more Borg. The two groups fight their way through making enough distractions for each other trying to keep the Cybermen occupied until the Enterprise arrives which they do with a surprise for the Cybermen in the form of a gold infused particle beam that weakens them greatly which allows away team to finally confront the Cyber-Controller. After a bit of a struggle, the away team get the upper hand and are able to destroy the Cybermen’s ship.

On the TARDIS, the conduit Borg tries to take over the the Doctor’s ship, but with the help of Data, he’s defeated and pushed out into the Time Vortex. Commander Riker takes a bit of time to mourn his friend who was now lost to the Borg but thinks of better times and how he did help the Federation one last time. The Doctor and his companions are ready to get back to their Universe. Commander Riker asks the Doctor if they will remember this little adventure which the Doctor says yes and no. With the total destruction of the Cybermen in this Universe, all of their time tampering will have been undone but everything that was experienced in the present will remain and with that the Doctor, Amy and Rory leave to go back to their Universe. Elsewhere, we see the Borg communicating with each other on how to assimilate a Time Lord

Well, this was just a brilliant story. It meshed two well established science fiction franchises together. It told a great story where all the main characters got a moment to shine and the interaction was fantastic. I thought the writers got all the character’s voices pitch perfect and the art throughout this series was just simply breathtaking. I cannot wait to get this again in a trade because I’m sure it will be just as awesome and now that I know this is going to have a sequel, I have something to look forward to.