Steam Dogs takes place in a steampunk world during the Victorian Era of the late 1800’s. A mysterious figure steals a collection of ancient relics that are hidden in the catacombs beneath London. One such item is an old book of unknown origin. Full of strange incantations in a forgotten language, it is believed that it can open a rift to an evil dimension.

The British Ministry of Defense hires a crew of smugglers to track down and retrieve the items. The crew, lead by the secretive Tristan and under the watchful eye of Lieutenant Quincy Fairbanks, must use their connections in the London underworld to track down and retrieve the book. This search will bring them into contact with blade-wielding “clockers”, hulking war golems, and a mysterious mastermind intent on bringing about a new dark age. It is a dangerous hunt and more than just the crew’s freedom is on the line. It is a race to save the world. – SEE THE PROJECT AT KICKSTARTER HERE