Hello All,

Sadly, I am going to add to this recent string of posts concerning art thievery…

I hesitated reporting this as I hoped that it would miraculously re-materialize/be found hiding in my underwear drawer.  But, I have torn my home apart (even opening my framed art to see if somehow the piece had decided to hide behind a framed piece) and this piece has not appeared.

Stolen Cover

Stolen Cover

I discovered that this piece was missing as I was running inventory on the pieces that I was going to take with me to SDCC this year.  So, I can place the timeline of the theft somewhere between May 1 and prior to SDCC.  If any of you happens to come across this cover, I will happily shower you with money and/or free vintage comic art panel pages.

This piece was on consignment with Will Gabri-El.  But, it was never in his possession.  So, if the item shows up on Will’s site, please do not think that he is the perpetrator.

Thanks for your time and BE CAREFUL with your art.  Times are tough for many people right now.  It seems to me that many individuals are getting desperate.

Allen – Allen Bush bushdogg67@yahoo.com