Superheroes in the Snow – Ion Empathy

The deepest outer space has an estimated background temperature of about minus 455°F. That’s what it feels like if you’re on the East Coast.

Don’t worry – your favorite Superheroes have gone through the same thing. Only with better resistance to the freezing cold than you or I have.

If you’d like to send me an image of your favorite Superhero in freezing weather, email and I’ll add it to this article! Please tell me where the image came from if you know so I can credit them in this article.

1. Superman out side of the Super Museum from the Enjoy Illinois blog.

Superman in snow


2. Spider-Snowman from the site Secret Agent Snowman

Spider Snowman


3. Batman (?) from The Mischief Maker’s Manual

Batman Snowman


4. Wonder Woman Snow Globe from LOL!

Wonder Woman


5. Incredible Hulk at someone’s folder called Snowy Snaps



6. Batman and Mr. Freeze by Jeffrey Thomas

Batman and Mr Freeze


7. Wolverine and Sabretooth in the snow by Admira Wijaya

Wolverine Vs Sabretooth


9. Toroto Snowman from TheMarySue!

Totoro Snowman


10. Anthony La Giglia sculpted this life-sized Batman and got in the Illinois State news!

Anthony La Giglia


11. Spider-Man and Green Goblin goofing on a snowman by Abel Zavala

Goofing around


12. Bill Waterson always has some excellent Calvin and Hobbs in the snow images daily on Tumblr.

Snow Walkers


13. There’s actually a Marvel character called Blizzard

Donald Gill aka Blizzard.



14. Strange Adventures #79 – “Invaders From The Ice World”

Strange Adventures #79


15. Frank Frazetta illustrated a character called “Snowman”

Frazetta Snowman


16. Fairest cover by Adam Hughes