Themed Art Galleries

Below is the latest list of known Theme Art Galleries. It is not exhaustive, but there are a lot of great collections to visit. The only real rule is that the theme be in a gallery. If a theme is scattered across multiple galleries, I won’t post the link because it’s too hard to see the theme. Sorry about that. Otherwise, assuming it’s not illegal, immoral, or hate filled (my judgement), I’m going to list it.

I grouped these by source of inspiration as follows:

• Concepts – The idea dominates the contents
• Literature – Non-comic literature drives the contents
• Movies and Actors – Cinema and those that create it drive the contents
• Music and Musicians
• Single Characters
• Re-assembled Books or Book Sections
• Teams and Team-Ups

If anyone can suggest better categorizations or just doesn’t like where something is let me know and I’ll work on it.

Also, where possible, I used real names (first and last). If anyone objects, please let me know.

BTW, it is sheer chance that my gallery comes up first, really!

Concept Based

Alex Johnson’s Creator/Creation
My collection consists of the artists and characters combinations that I’ve enjoyed the most over the years. Things like: Cardy/Bat Lash, Cardy/Teen Titans, Kubert/Hawkman, Kubert/Sgt. Rock, Lucas – Katy Keene, Mayer/Sugar & Spike, Parent – Archie, Swan/Legion, Swan/Superman, Zahler/Love and Capes. You get the drift.

Poster Wall Gallery

Poster Wall Gallery

Anthony Carpenter’s Poster Wall
This is based on the famous Uncanny X-Men #141 (Days of Future Past) Cover

Art Shotten’s Captain America 248 by …
Art’s favorite cover revisited – Captain America 248.

Brian Bogg’s Pumpkins, pumpkins, and more pumpkins
Featuring that wonderful fruit – the pumpkin. Who knew they were used so often?

Brian Kovich’s Culinary Art
A culinary twist in every one. Brian’s cooking up something good to see.

Brian Peck’s iBod (NWS)
Sure it’s not work safe, but they are a treat!

Brian Peck’s iPod Theme
Various folks using Apple products, especially (surprise!) iPods.

Trophy Wall

Trophy Wall Gallery

Chris Caira’s Trophy Wall
The villains have won and they are proud to show off their trophies.

Damon Owen’s Dead Universes
Collection of commissions featuring characters whose publishers have passed on.

Dave Morris has four collections, but they aren’t segregated –
The themes are: Art Nouveau, Dancing Girls, Devil Girls, and Hula/Island Girls. Newly updated is Dave’s site here:

Eric Agena’s Hawaii Themed Commissions
Adventures in paradise! Sit back and enjoy a view of Hawaii’s artistic beaches.

Gal Schwartz’ Brick Walls-
Each piece is another brick in the wall. Believe it or not, not all bricks look alike.

Jeff Singh’ Jungle Girl
Jungle women of all sorts.

John Q. Adams’ Silverfish Gallery
One of the first and oddest (given that they eat paper) themes I ever found.

Matt Moore’s Covers Reanimated (Zombie Style)
Great covers re-imagined with zombies.

Michael Dunne’s Covers Reimagined
Classic covers with other characters.

Michael Dunne’s The Mighty Crusaders #4 Cover
Featuring – surprise! – Mighty Crusaders # 4 reinterpretations by different artists each giving their take on the cover that inspired his love of the MLJ Mighty Characters

Michael Finn’s One Minute Later Gallery
One of the very best!

1-Minute Later Gallery

1-Minute Later Galleries

Michael Finn’s Victory Parades
It’s always a good time to enjoy a party and these victory celebrations are a good place to find one.

Michael Rankin’s Common Elements
Two characters that are related in some manner. Very clever.

Michael Rankin’s Bombshells and
Think glamour girls and nosecone art and you get the general idea. You’ll love it.

Mike DeLeRee’s Arsenic Lullaby Project
Classic covers re-imagined with Arsenic Lullaby characters

Mike DeLeRee’s Re-Preached Project
A gallery of Alternate covers by various artists of existing Fabry covers and re-imaginings if classic covers with a Preacher Universe twist.

Sean Wasielewski’s Vertical Theme
Commissions where the artist is constrained to a 5×17 expanse. This generates some pretty clever pictures.

Sean Wasielewski’s Horizontal Theme
Commissions where the artist is constrained to a 5×17 expanse. This generates some pretty clever pictures.

Sean Wasielewski’s Tribute to Silver Surfer #4
Various takes on what may be the best cover ever.

Sean Wasielewski’s Tribute to a Portfolio
Sean is recreating a Mike Golden Portfolio using other artists to recast the original images.

Steve’s Time Pieces
Another ghost site. It features art inspired by the word time. Time Mag cover, watches, you as an old person, whatever comes to mind.

Thorsten Brümmel artists self portraits

Tom Horvitz’ World War II Disney Art
Tom writes, “Hank Porter ran the Disney unit of WW II combat unit designs. here are a few of his prelims & finished paintings.” It’s a lovely collection.

Walt’s Cliff site (+ his JARS!)
Seriously, this site is gone, but you need to see it anyway so click away. I think Walt’s moved everything to the CAF, but… There are other collections here, too. I think Walt inspired a ton of the theme collectors.

Literature Inspired

Rob Stolzer’s Oz Theme
Just started, but growing …

Timothy Finney’s Shakespeare Project
Interpretations of the Bard’s works using comic characters by some wonderful artists.

?’s Hey, Oscar Wilde! It’s Clobberin’ Time
Various (mostly comic book) artists interpreting their favorite literary figure – author or character.

Movie, TV, and Actor Inspired

Anthony Carpenter’s “Milla Jovovich’s Resident Evil Movie Poster Gallery”
Anthony’s favorite action hero actress springs to life in this gallery with guns blazing.

Craig Zablo’s Stallone Zone – (updated links) or

Has to be seen to be believed.

Etienne Estorge’s Leon, The Professional
Artist takes on the assassins from Leon: The Professional.

James Moore’s Dr. Who
The good doctor interpreted by a number artists. Of course, how can you tell if the doctor is drawn incorrectly?

Star Wars Gallery

Star Wars Collection

John Higashi’s Star Wars Project
More Star Wars art than there are visible stars in Houston. Honest.

Terry Maltos’ Cartoon Characters by Comic Artists
Featuring characters from cartoons and full length animated movies.

Music and Musician Based

Enrico Salvini’s Frank Zappa Gallery
Who would have suspected that a Zappa Collection would exist?

Len Callo’s Frank Zappa Gallery
If one it good, two must be better, right?

Len Callo’s Poster/CD/Record Art Gallery
Featuring guess what? Poster and related art.

Re-assembled Books or Book Sections

Aidan Lacy’s Legion / Titans Crossover, Books 1-4
Aidan is reassembling all four books of this crossover. He has 158 pages out of a total of 192 which is phenomenal.

Andrew Allen’s Micronauts #11
Marvel 1979 – complete without cover

Andrew Allen’s Micronauts #11
Image 2003 – needs 2 pages

Andre Allens’s Book 1 of Cancelled Micronauts Project of 1998

Andre Allens’s Book 2 of Cancelled Micronauts Project of 1998 –

Andre Allens’s Book 3 of Cancelled Micronauts Project of 1998

Arthur Shotten’s The Ultimates Vol.1 No.1
He’s been working to get it back together for a few years now……………. picked up 2 pages in San Diego, 11 down, 15 to go

Brian Kovich Marvel Team-Up #2
By Olliffe/Milgrom, this is the book I got my first OA from.

Brian Kovich Spider-Girl #22
By Olliffe/Williamson, the first appearance of my favorite SG Villain.

Brian Peck’s Fantastic Four #286 “Like a Phoenix….”
This issue features the return of Jean Grey. Brian says, “It’s a strange book as they rewrote it without Byrne’s knowledge (he was the writer penciler) so the whole flashback is it drawn by Guice/Austin. Austin did such a good job many people think it’s Byrne’s pencils.”

Brian Peck’s Uncanny X-Men #308
Jean proposes to Scott. I have the whole wedding issue just missing three pages from this one.

Brian Peck’s X-Men #30
The wedding of Scott and Jean. ‘Nuff said.

Michael Dunne’s JLA #232

Michael Williams’ Superman #657
It’s by Pacheco/Merino. So far, he has the cover and 15 interior pages. He knows the whereabouts of three of the remaining seven pages, but is looking for the others.

Michael Williams’ Old Man Logan – Wolverine #66 through 73
The link is to his main gallery. The story pages are spread across several galleries, but they are clearly labeled. So far he has 70 pages from the story!

Mike DeLeRee’s LUCIFER 73 – Not
Complete – Not in a separate gallery – Mixed into his LUCIFER Gallery

Mike DeLeRee’s LUCIFER 9 –
Not in a separate gallery – Mixed into his LUCIFER Gallery

Mike DeLeRee’s LUCIFER 14 – Not
Not in a separate gallery – Mixed into his LUCIFER Gallery

Mix of 7 complete mini stories each 4 to 16 pages.

Miki Annamanthadoo’s Legion of Super Heroes 323
interior art by Dan Jurgens and Karl Kesel. He has the cover and 20 of 22 pages- just missing 2.

Miki Annamanthadoo’s Legionnaires 3 issue 2
Interior art by Ernie Colon and Karl Kesel. He has the cover and 21 of 22 pages[/i] – missing 1 page.

Miki Annamanthadoo’s Legion of Super Heroes Annual 7
interior art by Mike Collins and inks by Mark Farmer & Robin Riggs. I have the cover and 24 of 38 pages.

Ray Cuthbert’s Two-Gun Kid #60
Ray has all but two pages of the first story – Kirby/Ayers origin plus complete second story[/i] – Don Heck – and the splash page and one other page from the third story – Kirby/Ayers. I had *spoon* Ayers recreate the Kirby/Ayers cover. He doesn’t know how many Silver Age first appearance/origin books are out there, but hes trying for one!

Romain Verlier ‘s Strange Tales #178
Not in a separate gallery. The Revelation sequence (need pg32 and splash pg26 !) is Starlin’s BEST

Romain Verlier ‘s Marvel Fanfare #20
Not in a separate gallery. Thing vs Demons battle sequence Starlin again

Romain Verlier ‘s Ironman #49
Not in a separate gallery. Classic battle sequence by Tuska

Sean (Drake Tungsten / Zzutak]’s Amazing Adventures #3, 4, 5 featuring Black Widow by Gene Colan
Sean is trying to reassemble these three 10 page Black Widow stories. He has 16 pages

Sean L’s Marvel Team Up #11
Spidey and the Inhumans by Mooney/Esposito. He’s assembled 16 of 19 pages. One page auctioned in 2003 by HA at SDcon 2003. One page sold on eBay by Mooney mislabeled as a Spectacular Spidey page. Never seen the title page.

Sean L’s Strange Tales #168
By Dan Adkins, this Doctor Strange story is missing the page 1 splash.

Sean L’s X-men #64
He needs the remaining 8 pages of X-Men #64 by Heck/Palmer, 1st Sunfire.

Sean Wasielewski’s Shade #4 (1997)
Has 16 pages. Knows were 3 of the remain 6 are.

Sean Wasielewski’s Starman, FBI Agent from JSA: All Stars #4
The 8 page Ted Knight Starman story drawn (pencil/inks/colors) by Tony Harris. It was published as part of the JSA: All Stars book in 2003

Sergi D. Cecconi’s Fantastic Four #118

Sergi D. Cecconi’s Creatures on the Loose #18
Gullivar Jones

Steve Welch’s The Thing vs. Dr. Doom from FF #40
The Thing and Dr. Doom go mano-a-mano in great Kirby action. Steve writes, “And as I’ve asked previously, if anyone knows where page 19 is, please send me a message. Even if the owner isn’t interested in selling it, I’d love to at least know it exists and where it is. The last acquisition had been in the hands of a comic shop owner in Oregon for years, and had been glued to the back of a piece of fiberboard.”

Single Character Based

Arjuna Rajakumar’s Spider-man Sketch Cover Gallery
The greatest single argument in favor of Sketch Covers.

Allan Elegeert’s Dr. Doom Gallery
Doomed, I tell you. We are all Doomed now!

Ben Herman’s Beautiful Dreamer
Pretty much self-explanatory – Kirby’s 4th World’s Beautiful Dreamer by a variety of artists.

Craig Rogers’ The Devil and Me
Daredevil and an artist that drew him. Most of Craig’s collection is DD center, so DD fans may want to explore the rest of it, too.

Craig Rogers’ DD in San Francisco
Tour San Francisco’s greatest sites with a blind tour guide! Most of Craig’s collection is DD center, so DD fans may want to explore the rest of it, too.

Damon Owen’s Cage Matches: Luke Cage’s Greatest Hits
A collection of Luke Cage adventures by various artists. His covers never looked this good.

Dan’s Daredevil sketchagraphs
Another ghost. Sketch cards of DD.

Dave W’s Hulk Gallery
One Hulking great gallery or is that a great Hulk gallery?

Doug Resnick’s “Spider-man vs. … and Batman vs. …”
Doug didn’t segregate the pieces so the link goes to commissions which gets you most of it.

Don Walthrop’s Vampirella Convention Sketches
Vampirella sketches

Enrico Salvini’s Grendel Gallery
Would you believe me if I said this featured Matt Wagner’s Grendel?

IconUK’s Robin, The Boy Hostage
Perils of Pauline – Robin style.

James’ HULK art
The site is gone, but you can see it’s not forgotten.

James’ Sandman art
Gone, but not quite.

Jeff Singh’s Akira commissions
Featuring … Well, I think you can figure it out.

Jeff Singh’s Dragon Lady
Various takes on Milt Caniff’s mystery woman including a real Caniff reference drawing.

Jeff Singh’s Flash Gordon
Space age adventure

Wonder Woman Gallery

Wonder Woman Gallery

Joel Thingvall’s Wonder Woman Gallery
He’s sold pieces over the years, but it is an amazing collection.

Jon Calderas’ Vamparella and
Everyone’s favorite vampire

Kasra Ghanbari’s MODOK Gallery
One of the world’s oddest looking villains, I suppose, but here it seems appropriate. Great stuff. Lots of Galleries so scroll down and browse.

Kevin Moorehead’s Occult Files of Doctor Spektor
I don’t know Dr. Spektor, but I don’t think I want to meet him on a dark night.

Matt S.’ Death
No not the nerd guy with the scythe and the black robe or Thanos’ girl friend; the hot chick. Matt has several galleries and this is the link to the first one.

Matthieu-David’s Dr. Doom
Matthieu-David is Doomed. Doomed, I say.

Michael Dunne’s Harvey Black Cat
The original Black Cat not to be confused with the Spidey version.

Mike Gowcharan’s Spider-Man Art
If you go here, you will be caught in the Spider’s web.

Mike DeLeRee’s Preacher Project
Mike is determined to own all the Preacher art in the universe – 300+ pages to date!

Rico Renzi’s Batgirl
He has several galleries dedicated to Batgirl. The link is to the main gallery.

Rob Jewell’s To Quote Jack and Stan; ” Enter..The Exquisite Elemental”
This gallery features Crystal of the Inhumans. Rob has many themes and frankly I don’t want to add them all one at a time (I’m lazy). So, I’ve picked one single character and one team them and listed them, but take the time to look at the rest.

Rob Ledford’s Dejah Thoris (the first of several galleries dedicated to her)
Pretty self explanatory, but remember Mars is one giant clothing optional beach

Rob Ledford’s Prince Valiant (the first of three galleries for him)

The ageless knight from King Arthur’s court.

Rob Ledford’s Elric (the first of two galleries for him)
The Eternal Champion has conquered the CAF.

Ron Lim’s SPIDER-MAN Gallery

Spider-Man Gallery

Spider-Man Gallery

man all the time.

Royd Burgoyne’s Shanna Gallery
Pretty self-explanatory and lovely.

Rubin Espinosa’s Zatanna

Sean Wasielewski’s Asgardian Storm
Storm as the god of Thunder

Sean Wasielewski’s Dr. Strange
Dr. Strange commissions. He also has Dr. Strange pages, con sketches, pin-up, etc. If you are a Strange fan, this is the place to be.

Sean Wasielewski’s Starman
Starman commissions. He also has Starman pages, con sketches, pin-up, etc. If you are a starry-eyed fan, this is the place to be.

Steve Davich’s Machine Man Gallery
Would you believe Machine Man by various artists? I thought not.

Stephen Wroth’s Gone, Gone O Form of Man…
Kirby’s Demon bedevils this gallery.

Thorsten Brümmel – Batman

Thorsten Brümmel – Paperinik (Duck Avenger)

Thorsten Brümmel – Tex (italian western-hero)

Thorsten Brümmel – The Phantom

Thorsten Brümmel – The Spirit

Thorsten Brümmel – Thor

Terry Maltos’ Medusa Gallery –

I think I’m falling for snake headed women.

Team or Team-Up Based

Aidan Lacy’s Re-Legioned Covers
One of my very favorites – I’m a LONG time Legion fan.

Andrew Allen’s Micronauts Project
A special gallery dedicated to ‘WHAT-IF’ style redos of famous comic or movie art, with the Micronauts assuming the central role.

BillC’s Guardian’s of the Galaxy
This gallery features the covers that Jim never go to do in addition to published art. He’d plotted to issue 50, but was fired with issues 27 (due to helping form Image). Bill’s sort of created a parallel universe. Interesting idea.

World's Finest Gallery

World’s Finest Gallery

Dave Takahasi’s World’s Finest theme
The famous team of Superman and Batman and various riffs off of it, e.g., composite Superman (big fav of mine) and the Supergirl/Batgirl team.

Jay Litzenberg’s Avengers
Commissions or published page makes no difference, the Avengers Assemble here.

Marvel-Two-In-One Guy’s Ben Grimm and …
Inspired by Marvel’s Team-Up book featuring Ben Grimm are several galleries of really clever commissions so scroll down and pick. Ben Grimm never looked better.

Michael Dunne’s Justice Society of America
Pretty self-explanatory, I think. Groups shots and individual characters by a lot of different artists.

Randy Saitta’s Batman and The Shadow
Cover quality commissions of Batman and The Shadow. Well worth a visit.

Rob Jewell’s Inhumans
This gallery features the Inhumans, one of my favorite Kirby creations. Rob has many themes and frankly I don’t want to add them all one at a time (I’m lazy). So, I’ve picked one single character and one team them and listed them, but take the time to look at the rest.

Samuel Tziavaras’ Superman vs. Spider-man Around the World
Based on the famous Supes vs. Spidey Treasury Edition, this gallery shows the same conflict centered on different landmarks around the world.

Ted V. Mikels’s Mark of the Astro-Zombies
I know nothing about this site, but it is interesting with lots of art by well known artists.It’s based on the movie of the same name -

Travis Ellisor’s Karate Kid vs. …
You never know who’s going to try and take down the galaxy’s greatest hand-to-hand fighter. Val has to be ready.

Will Cox’ Suicide Squad
Based on the DC team first appearing in Brave & Bold #25 (1st series), these drawing place the team in new situations by current artists. Well worth a visit.



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