Yvonne Craig, the actress who portrayed Barbara Gordon/Batgirl on Batman, played a lot of parts on a lot of shows. Be it her multiple characters on The Man from U.N.C.L.E. (Cecille Bergstrom, U.N.C.L.E. communications technician Wanda, and Alexander Waverly’s niece Maude), assassin Ecstasy La Joie in The Wild Wild West, or thief Lena Bannister in The Six Million Dollar Man, she often played a strong female character. Wonder Woman was essentially a home for such characters so Craig’s appearance for the crossover would make quite the combination. The only element that likely could raise this pairing to another level would be to move her character Barbara Gordon more into an active light perhaps as an asset for the IADC. Employing the likes of Diana Prince and Eve (oft times Steve Trevor’s assistant, sometimes field agent), Gordon could make for an interesting addition to the line-up as she shares a secret identity like that of Diana (opening up opportunities to both disappearing as their alter egos emerge) which opens up avenues of trying to protect their secrets from each other.


Cheetah vs Catwoman6. CATWOMAN MEETS CHEETAH


Some degree of animosity has existed between Catwoman and the Cheetah for some time but drawing a line to when that emerged is challenging at best. In the real world, perhaps one line could be drawn to Super Friends. Over the years, there was a desire from those at Hanna-Barbera to include Catwoman in the series (so far as Alex Toth making her a model sheet) but Filmation on separate occasions would acquire the license for Batman where Batman, Robin, Riddler, and Scarecrow would be all that made it into Super Friends. For its final season, Hanna-Barbera would finally get to tackle the Joker and Penguin (who appeared in The New Scooby-Doo Movies, considered something of a pilot for Super Friends), but never Catwoman. Instead, the series would employ Wonder Woman’s arch-foe the Cheetah, specifically the Golden Age version without super abilities which made her quite reminiscent of Catwoman. This would lead to Cheetah being a go-to for super villain teams in the comics, emerging in the Super Foes, Secret Society of Super Villains, and Injustice League. Catwoman, alternatively, wouldn’t end up in a team until the Injustice League for the Silver Age event in 2000 (retroactively, she would be made a member of the SSoSV, though). The two feline villainesses would finally come to blows in the comics in 2005 for the mini-series Catwoman: When in Rome and again that same year teamed up in Catwoman’s solo ongoing title under Hugo Strange only for Catwoman to leave her partner high-and-dry. In 2008 as part of the Salvation Run storyline, Cheetah would try to exact her revenge setting up what is likely an ongoing lifelong feud. Considering Catwoman is already confirmed for Batman ’66 Meets Wonder Woman ’77, there’s little doubt the two will likely cross claws.


Ballpoint Baxter5. “BALLPOINT” BAXTER


As noted, Stanley Ralph Ross has a history with both Batman and Wonder Woman. Ross would write twenty-seven of the 120 episodes of Batman, more than anyone else where he also produced more Catwoman stories than anyone else. Of course, Ross also played an important role in the development of “Who’s Afraid of Diana Prince?” which lead to his developing what he envisioned a Wonder Woman TV series should be about. It was his vision and script which created Wonder Woman as he also was part of the decision in casting Lynda Carter and Lyle Waggoner as Diana Prince/Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor, respectively. Ross would make a cameo in the Batman series as expert forger “Ballpoint” Baxter who was sought by the Penguin for his craft but was instead hired by Bruce Wayne to teach penmanship at the Wayne Foundation. Ross was also an accomplished voice actor having portrayed Gorilla Grodd and Brainiac for the Super Friends.

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