A diamond-obsessed black widow who weds and murders wealthy men for their fortunes and finances thefts for diamonds, Marsha, Queen of Diamonds appeared in five episodes of Batman where she was portrayed by Carolyn Jones (best known for her role of Morticia Addams on The Addams Family). Appearing several times in the Batman ’66 comic, Marsha would see one of her dead husbands resurrected as Solomon Grundy to combat the Dynamic Duo on her behalf. Assisted in her schemes by her Aunt Hilda, a brilliant chemist who believes she’s a witch (finally crossing the threshold into actual magic in the comic), Marsha would pine for Batman and often bent her plans in order to try and ensnare him in her embrace (once coming close to marrying him). In another intriguing coincidence, Carolyn Jones would also play an important part in the Wonder Woman series where she was one of the actresses to portray Hippolyta, Wonder Woman’s mother and queen of the Amazons (Cloris Leachman and Beatrice Straight would also play the character). Frank Gorshin, who is best known for playing the Riddler on Batman, also appeared as a villain once in the Wonder Woman series as Orlich Hoffman, a brilliant toymaker that constructed android duplicates of people including one of Wonder Woman (Riddler would also be portrayed on Batman by John Astin, best known as Morticia’s husband Gomez on The Addams Family).




When Batman came into development at ABC, they knew they wanted Adam West for the role. However, they would decide to screen test another actor in Lyle Waggoner for the character (as Peter Deyell portrayed his Robin). Waggoner seemingly made an impression as the actor would go on to portray Steve Trevor and Steve Trevor, Jr. on Wonder Woman (which started at ABC before moving to CBS). Originally something of a “damsel in distress” Wonder Woman would save, Trevor, Jr. would largely become the boss of IADC agent Diana Prince that none the less relied heavily on his operative to complete the most dangerous (and bizarre) assignments. Suffice to say for Batman ’66 Meets Wonder Woman ’77, Trevor almost has to don the cowl of Batman at some point (which is not an uncommon tactic as Alfred occasionally had to play the part).




Batman famously had Robin as an integral component of the series. However, Wonder Woman would have its own young adventurer in Drusilla (played by Debra Winger), Diana’s younger sister who transformed into Wonder Girl. Sadly, she would never appear again after the first season. However, Batman ’66 Meets Wonder Woman ’77 almost begs to see the teen heroes meet. Further, Robin and Wonder Girl of course founded the Teen Titans in the comics. If you also consider the Flash was part of Legends of the Superheroes, it opens the door for Kid Flash which makes up 3/5 of the Titans’ comic founders (Speedy and Aqualad being the other two).

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