Wonderland #22 Cover

Wonderland #22 Cover

Wonderland #22 Review by Jessica Curtis

Esquivel- Writer
Miranda- Artwork

The story begins in the “Void” with Wonderland shaping itself as none other than James Franco. An unusual but perfect choice when you figure who Wonderland would chose to personify itself. Strangely enough the reader finds themselves drawn to the realization that Wonderland yearns for human companionship… even if that human companionship can either bring healing or destruction.

Wonderland #22 Preview 1

Far above Wonderland, the Star Gods are finding themselves overwhelmed by the one they seek to control, Calie Liddle. These Star Gods provide to Calie all that she needs to know about Wonderland. A knowledge that will help her shape and control Wonderland, and a knowledge that will either save or destroy a place of dreams and nightmares.

It is no surprise that the Liddles are those that have shaped Wonderland to all it has become. Wonderland reveals to Calie that Wonderland was once a Garden of Eden and now, thanks to the men of the Liddle family, it has become a place of nightmares. It is here that Calie accepts her destiny and decides to save Wonderland. Such an acceptance allows Wonderland the possibility to heal itself and become something more… that is if Hazel doesn’t interfere.

Wonderland #22 Preview 2Like every other issue of Wonderland, the story is as curious and lovely as its namesake. The Star Gods are painted and displayed in fanciful and cosmic colors, and the void a desolate desert. The contrast of color choice between Calie, Hazel, and Wonderland are a unique balance that Wonderland is known for.

Every moment and every page is well suited to the art and color scheme that is chosen by Miranda and Paciarotti. However, it is the story itself that stands out. The interactions of Calie with Wonderland and the Star Gods, and with Hazel are so beautifully portrayed are all that help build towards the expectation of all that is to come. It is with eager anticipation that I wait for the next issue to see what is to come of Wonderland, Hazel, and Calie.