Black Canary


Daughter of the Golden Age super heroine and Justice Society of America member Black Canary, Dinah Lance became an early member of the Justice League of America carrying on her mother’s name and carried an on-again/off-again relationship with Green Arrow. For Young Justice, Black Canary acts as the team’s combat instructor and counselor. Black Canary is voiced by prolific voice actress Vanessa Marshall.

Captain Marvel


The central super hero of Fawcett Comics that at one time outsold Superman on newsstands, Captain Marvel is Billy Batson, an orphaned youth that upon saying the name of the ancient wizard Shazam is granted the powers of six deities. In Young Justice, Batson is raised by his uncle Dudley and operates in the Justice League where, until recently, they were unaware he is a minor. Captain Marvel took over Red Tornado’s position as the group’s chaperone when the android was nearly destroyed in a battle. Operating with a child’s mind in the body of an adult, the hero was stuck in a confusing situation being around heroes approximately his age and yet having to be in a position of authority. Captain Marvel is voiced by high profile actor Rob Lowe.



The daughter of John Zatara, Golden Age super hero and member of the All-Star Squadron, and Sindella, Homo Magi sorceress, Zatanna joined the Justice League as one of its youngest members in the group’s history. For Young Justice, Zatara is instead in the Justice League and Zatanna, his teenage daughter, joins the team of young heroes after her father is possessed by Nabu as Doctor Fate. Zatanna is voiced by Lacey Chabert.



In a similar fashion to Mother Box technology, the Super-Cycle is a living vehicle often seen employed by the Forever People. Young Justice come across another Super-Cycle and adopt it as a primary mode of transportation. In the Young Justice television series, a piece of New Genesis technology that appears as a living metal ball is brought to Earth by the Light and rescued by the team. Calling it Sphere, the team adopt it later learning its origins as a female “New Genesphere” by the Forever People as she turned into the Super-Cycle and became a mode of transportation for the group.



The childhood pet of Superman, the white Kryptonian dog Krypto was rocketed to Earth to test the technology for helping young Kal-El escape Krypton’s fate. Rediscovered on Earth, Krypto returned to his master’s side. When Superman’s clone Superboy moved to live on the Kent Family farm, he adopted Krypto as his pet. For Young Justice, the team faced an army of genetically-altered animals including a white wolf. Upon defeating the Brain and Monsieur Mallah, the villains responsible, Superboy adopted the white wolf as his pet Wolf.



Sidekick to the superhero Icon, Raquel Ervin converted an inertia winder from Icon’s spacecraft into her belt buckle allowing her to manipulate kinetic energy as Rocket. Thus far shown as making cameos in Young Justice, promotional videos of the series show her as part of the team.

Young Justice airs Saturday mornings on Cartoon Network as part of the DC Nation block of programming.