Mike Mayhew

Mike MayhewMike Mayhew has been a working in comics since 1992. After starting his professional career with D.C. Comics, Mike began a long affiliation with Zorro for Topps Comics. In 2000, he began work on Vampirella, where he revolutionized interior comic art with full pencil rendering. It was during this period that Mike developed his skills as a painter, and produced a run of memorable covers.

Mike took his cover skills to Marvel where he dazzled viewers with his depictions of Mystique, Elektra and She-Hulk. He continues to do covers for The Pulse. For Marvel Prose, he illustrated the Mary Jane and Mary Jane 2 novels. His interior work at Marvel has included Avengers Finale, the summer blockbuster, House of M, and She-Hulk 100.

Mike continues to explore new opportunities and techniques. Future project include Upper Deck Vs Justice League trading cards and covers for Marvel’s Storm, by Eric Jerome Dickey and a top secret X-project!

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