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<p><img src="http://comicartcommunity.com/siteimages/jimlee.jpg" alt="" height="75" width="75" align="right" border="0"><b>Jim Lee</b> was born in 1964 in Seoul, South Korea. He attended Princeton University and received a degree in medicine, but he couldn't shake his true passion. Jim Lee wanted to draw comic books. Jim sent submissions to Marvel and was hired shortly after. His first work was on ALPHA FLIGHT, and from there he went to PUNISHER: WAR JOURNAL, and then finally the posh illustrating gig on UNCANNY X-MEN. His freshness and new style led to record sales, and he was soon offered the job to pencil a brand new X-title simply called X-MEN. This happened in 1991, and the 1st issue sold over one million copies, becoming the best-selling comic book of all time. Jim later decided to leave Marvel and help form a new comic company called Image Comics. His own imprint became known as Wildstorm Productions, and it produced numerous hits including WILDCATS, DEATHBLOW, TEAM 7, STORMWATCH, and GEN13. In 1996, Jim Lee returned to do some work at Marvel and he ended up helming 'Heroes Reborn' which led to a massive increase in Marvel sales. Jim then worked on a WILDCATS/X-MEN crossover, as well as other Wildstorm titles. Not long after, Jim merged his imprint with DC and has began doing work for them. Most recently, Jim has teamed up with writer Jeff Loeb on a fantastic BATMAN run for DC Comics.<br><br>For more information on Jim Lee, visit Jim's exclusive rep for new art sales:</p><ul><li type="circle"><a href="http://www.albertmoy.com" target="_blank">Albert Moy</a></ul><p>*Huge thanks to <a href="http://www.albertmoy.com" target="_blank">Albert Moy</a> for permission to feature Jim Lee's art and help with the gallery. Thanks to writer <a href="mailto:bn.hilden@ns.sympatico.ca">Hal Hilden</a> for the bio.</p> (Hits: 1691637)
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