Dustin Nguyen

Dustin Nguyen broke into comics in a relatively short amount of time but I think that is because of his immense amount of talent in the areas of layout and graphic storytelling.
Dustin started out working for several engineering companies in southern California where he developed his skill and talent in the areas of computer CAD design and surface 3D modeling. His other computer experience was fromworking for Stan Lee's short lived Media Inc. where he worked designing and illustrating online Flash animations.
During con visits in 1999 Dustin showed his portfolio to DC and Wildstorm was was hired to do artwork for DC Comics children's activities books.
Since then he has moved unto bigger and better DC/Wildstorm series as The Authority, Thundercats, Gen-Active, Jet and now working with Joe Casey and Rich Friend on the flagship Wildstorm title Wildcats V3.0.
Keep your eye on Dustin because he is one of the hottest young artists with DC/Wildstorm with lots of great projects coming up in the near future.

For more information visit Dustin's official site:

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Wildcats V3.0 #8 Cover
Wildcats V3.0 #8 Cover
Wildcats V3.0
Wildcats V3.0
The Shadow
The Shadow

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