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Description: Cover by ESAD RIBIC

The latest offering from the red-hot Marvel Knights line offers a searing vision of Namor, the Sub-Mariner as you’ve never seen, brought to you by Peter Milligan (X-Force) and Esad Ribic (Silver Surfer: Requiem)!
Atlantis. Throughout the ages, a few men have wondered if this fabulous place actually exists. Fewer have imagined that the city is protected by a wild and vengeful being, the very embodiment of the untameable depths themselves -- the Sub-Mariner. When a legendary adventurer named Randolph Stein travel deep into the dark belly of the Marianes trench in search of a missing deep sea expedition, he is about to encounter things that supersede his wildest imagination. There is something down there in the murky depths -- something far closer to God than man -- and it has been waiting for Stein for a long, long time.
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