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Batman vs. Predator II

Batman vs. Predator II

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Description: Description: Batman vs. Predator II -Blood Ties Trade Paperback Cover Original Art (DC/Dark Horse, 1995). This is the original 1995 piece of commissioned cover art for DC Darkhorse comics "Batman Versus Predator II: Bloodmatch TPB." Story - "A brash young Predator renews the hunt for the Batman, but while Batman is hunted by the Predator, hired assassins also pursue the Dark Knight. Swept into this deadly game is Batman's occasional ally, the Huntress, and a duo of Predator enforcers."

This is simply a beautiful piece of work. Leave it to the one and only Simon Bisley to capture the spine-tingling thrills of this mini-series in one explosive image. This pulse-pounding painting is huge and the detail is amazing. This mixed media piece is amazing... bright paint, textured surface, and excellent detail fully painted edge to edge in acrylics by world renowned artist Simon Bisley. Painting measures 20" x 24" and is painted on art board and signed by Simon.
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