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X-Factor #207

X-Factor #207

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Description: David Yardin
Remember when we warned you about the shocking twist involving Madrox's baby? Remember when the return of Shatterstar wound up making every comics-related website? Well, that was just a warm-up for the shocking end of this issue. X-Factor gets a new client, a tall green-garbed woman with a deadly secret, but that's just a set-up for the jaw-dropping final page that's going to reignite the Internet and have fandom going, "Did you BELIEVE what happened at the end of X-Factor #207?!"
Date: 04.21.2010 00:30
Hits: 6559
Added by: Kristofo
Keywords: Yardin, Hela, Madrox, Syrin, Monet, Strong, Guy, Longshot, Darwin, Rictor, Shatterstar

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