Supergirl: From Page to Screen

Supergirl: From Page to Screen by Jerry Whitworth   Announced being in development last Fall and fast tracked to be ready to air for the upcoming Fall season, Supergirl is coming to CBS from Greg Berlanti and Ali Adler (the former the producer on CW’s Arrow and Flash). While it’s as yet known if Supergirl will be an extension of the DC Television Universe, rumor has it Berlanti specifically had it written in his...

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How I Would Have Done It: New 52 Superman

How I Would Have Done It: New 52 Superman by Jerry Whitworth   With DC Comics reinventing itself again with the so-called new 52 following Flashpoint, they had the opportunity to inject new life and story elements into properties that a softer approach like Infinite Crisis and Final Crisis failed to present. The result was mixed: initially boosting sales, after months of publication the result was sales essentially the same as...

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Superman: The Franchise Player

Superman: The Franchise Player by Jerry Whitworth   In comic books, its proven to be good business to not only create a character to base a series off of but to generate a franchise that can morph into its own entity, something with the ability to generate more desired content and sell more product. Within the last few decades, such an ever-growing entity would be X-Men, which started as a small band of mutants that grew to...

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